For Stephan & Co., one of today's leading designers and manufacturers of costume jewelry and accessories, the secret to their extraordinary success seems at first deceptively simple: a steadfast commitment to quality, integrity, craftsmanship and unmatched service at every level. 

Since 1994, when the company was formed, its express mission has been to design, manufacture and distribute a product of outstanding quality that perfectly fills a niche in the costume jewelry industry - one that speaks directly to the specifications of a broad-reaching customer base in specialty chains and department stores across the country.

With a New York office/showroom, five superbly gifted and versatile designers based in New York and manufacturing facilities at home and in Asia, the Philippines and India, Stephan & Co. has established a strong and ever-burgeoning reputation as an industry innovator - modern, highly responsive, service-oriented and hugely creative. 

Looks may be classic and traditional or cutting-edge hip and contemporary. While the product may change constantly to fit the season, the trends, the moment - and the order - there is one common denominator among all Stephan & Co pieces: unstinting attention to superior craftsmanship at premium pricing. To ensure that the company's work consistently represents the very latest in tastes and trends, Stephan and his team travel regularly to all of the relevant shows and major markets in the US, Europe and the Far East. These crucial, information-gathering trips supplement the constant interface with customers that the principals of Stephan & Co have made an absolute priority. 

Stephan & Co.'s uncompromising attention to service and craftsmanship has paid impressive dividends: in its first year, the company realized its volume goals; in its second year, it tripled that; in its third year, it doubled that. Moreover, Stephan & Co believes that further growth can and will be accomplished through an acquisition-minded approach. The company is proactively seeking out new partnerships and licensing agreements that will take it to yet another level altogether.